Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are one of the body art procedure where ink, dyes and chemical pigments are used to print a design on the skin which may be permanent or temporary.Tattoing is one of the most common body art method used and when it was very difficult to remove the tattoos once upon a time, but with the advent of Lasers the removal has become easy and efficient.Sri Skin and Cosmetology Centre has the best state of the art laser machine for the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to assist our website visitors with a knowledgeable and comprehensive approach to resolve all your queries and fears with our FAQ section.

Many methods were used previously to remove tattoos like plastic surgery and camouflaging techniques, but the best gold standard method now is Q-switched laser as lasers can help remove tattoos more safely and effectivelywith very few sessions compared to other methods. Lasers are best for the ink colors that were once difficult to remove.

Tattoo removal is not a small procedure to be done at spas or beauty clinics. It requires thorough assessment and scientific approach towards the tattoo analysis which can only done by Dermatologist. Dr.Sudha vani of Skin and Cosmetology Centre has vast experiencing in dealing with tattoo removal. And the most importantly, the results depend almost entirely on the person performing the tattoo removal. Even FDA of USA recommends getting the removal by Dermatologists. Moreover a Dermatologist has medical training on the issue and is the best person to do the procedure. Side effects like Scarring, Changes to the skin’s texture, Burns and other wounds may occur when one wants to go for tattoo removal performed by a person without medical training.

For the correct results, we assess the tattoo and consider the following facts before the procedure

  • How long you’ve had the tattoo

  • How deeply the ink penetrates your skin

  • The colors in your tattoo

  • Where the tattoo appears on your body

  • Your health

  • The medicines you take

  • If you’ve ever had a raised scar

Some people develop light or dark spots on their skin. These spots tend to disappear within 6 to 12 months.

After laser tattoo removal, you may see some redness, swelling, and a little blistering. 

As our body needs time to flush out the ink, after each session your tattoo tends to lighten up.

When the lasers light hits the inked area, the light destroys the ink into tiny fragments. Your body must flush out these tiny particles. We have the best Q-switched Alma make Laser with us for the optimum results and Dr. Sudha Vani is an expert in using the Laser who does the entire procedure personally. To get the optimum results we the Laser machine whose wavelengths are adjusted according to the color of the tattoo.


The laser works with selectivephoto thermolysisand the mechanism which shatters tattoo particles by thephotomechanical effect.


For laser tattoo removal the dissolution of tattoo pigments depends on four factors

  • The color of the laser light must penetrate deep into the skin to reach the pigment of the tattoo.
  • The color of the laser light must be highly absorbed by the tattoo pigment rather than the surrounding skin. Different tattoo pigments require different laser colors. For example, red laser light is highly absorbed by green tattoo pigments, while on the other hand, yellow tattoo pigments tend not to absorb light.
  • The time span (pulse duration) of the laser force must be very short. For laser tattoo removal this duration should be in nanoseconds.
  • Sufficient energy must be delivered. If the energy is too low, the pigment will not fragment and no removal will take place.


Q-switched lasers are the only commercially accessible devices that can meet the following requirements and Sri and Skin Cosmetology Centre has one of the best Q-Switched lasers in the world, equipped with the latest technology which can be used even to treat mucosal tattoos.

Most people can safely have laser tattoo removal. There are a few exceptions. You need a healthy immune system for laser tattoo removal to work. And, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not be treated.

Laser tattoo removal can feel uncomfortable or painful. To prevent discomfort and pain, we will give you a numbing cream.

  • For optimum results, it is important to complete all the sessions in time, so you should keep up all of your appointments for laser tattoo removal as each treatment removes more ink.
  • You may need to wash the area and apply an antibiotic ointment for a few days.
  • Using moisturizer and covering the area until the skin heals completely is also important.
  • Protect your treated skin from the sun for at least 3 months.

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Gowtham Mac

I started my treatment last year in April 2015, my condition was very bad, the condition would have worsened more if I had not started the treatment, before the treatment I was pretty shattered & lost the confidence. But thanks to the Doctor, she not only successfully treated me also guided and supported me throughout, because of which within less than a year my alignment got totally cured, but I also would definitely recommend her.

✱ Results may vary person to person.
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Anila Vavilla

I have been to Dr.Sudhavani for my double chin problem. I am very glad to share that within a span of 3 months after undergoing 4 sittings of treatment my double chin disappeared. Dr.Sudhavani is a very soft-spoken and wonderful lady. cost of the treatment is very reasonable irrespective of centrally situated location, ambiance, expertise medical assistance

✱ Results may vary person to person.
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