Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy therapy is a very useful cosmetology procedure which is a simple and effective method when used by an expert for many cosmetology problems. Dr. Sudha Vani, our chief consultant is the first Dermato-Cosmetologist to introduce carboxy therapy in Hyderabad. She has a ten years experience with the procedure and Sri Skin and Cosmetology centre has best equipment for the procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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It is the procedure of injecting the carbon dioxide gas under the skin for various cosmetology treatments. We use infusions of carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas in the body. It originated in French spas in the 1930s.

It is used in the treatment for cellulite, stretch marks, and dark under-eye circles. It can be applied to the eyelids, neck, face, arms, buttocks, stomach, and legs.

You may find an improvement in

  • Local blood circulation
  • Skin elasticity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • It assists collagen repair and the destruction of fatty deposits

Additionally, it can help diminish under-eye darkness by boosting blood flow to the eyelid. Some physicians have also used the therapy to treat erectile dysfunction, acute arthritis, Raynaud’s syndrome, and alopecia caused by poor blood circulation.

For fat and cellulite reduction, the procedure is often preferred over more invasive and high-risk methods, such as liposuction.

Carboxy therapy is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).It has no lasting side effects. It is convenient, quick (usually takes 15 to 30 minutes) and no down time i.e one can return to normal activities immediately. The procedure is almost entirely painless, but some may feel a strange sensation briefly afterward.

Many usually require 7 to 10 sessions spaced out 1 week apart, before they begin to see results.

Poor blood circulation is partially responsible for cellulite, annoying stretch marks, and dark under-eye circles. Cells in the body discharge carbon dioxide as waste. Red blood cells take the oxygen you inhale and carry it to tissues, then pick up carbon dioxide. Eventually, the carbon dioxide is exhaled by the lungs. Aim of carboxy therapy is to increase blood circulation to a specific area by injecting carbon dioxide, causing the red blood cells to rush to the area. When the blood cells reach the location, they create an increase in circulation. This helps to repair skin elasticity and, in the case of under-eye circles, change pigment that gives a healthy glow. In the case of stretch marks which are due to rupture of dermal collagen, carboxytherapy creates new collagen, thickening of the skin improving its appearance.

Carboxy therapy is a safe procedure with almost no side effects. People may experience bruising at the injection site, specifically in the arms and legs. This bruising should clear up within a week. People who undergo the procedure for fat reduction or cellulite should avoid swimming and bathtubs for at least 24 hours.

Dr. Sudha Vani has rich experience in performing the procedure and is a pioneer and first to introduce this procedure in the city of Hyderabad.

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Patient Testimonials


Gowtham Mac

I started my treatment last year in April 2015, my condition was very bad, the condition would have worsened more if I had not started the treatment, before the treatment I was pretty shattered & lost the confidence. But thanks to the Doctor, she not only successfully treated me also guided and supported me throughout, because of which within less than a year my alignment got totally cured, but I also would definitely recommend her.

✱ Results may vary person to person.
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Anila Vavilla

I have been to Dr.Sudhavani for my double chin problem. I am very glad to share that within a span of 3 months after undergoing 4 sittings of treatment my double chin disappeared. Dr.Sudhavani is a very soft-spoken and wonderful lady. cost of the treatment is very reasonable irrespective of centrally situated location, ambiance, expertise medical assistance

✱ Results may vary person to person.
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