Freckles are localized collections of skin cells with more melanin compared to the rest of the skin cells. Our skin cells produce melanin which is responsible for our skin color. Sometimes, melanocytes produce more melanin pigment due to sun exposure. Such types of excess melanin skin cell spots are called freckles.

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Freckles look like small brown or black spots on sun-exposed areas like face, arms, neck, and hands.

They are caused by sun exposure also called photo-damage. It may be hereditary also. Fair skin individuals get freckles more often. They usually appear in summer and disappear in the winter season. Freckles can occur at any age but are usually seen from the age of two years of age.

Sunspots also called as Solar Lentigines are pigmented skin lesions due to sun exposure. They usually start in childhood and continue to grow. Though they are harmless, very rare skin cancer called melanoma may manifest as sunspots, therefore, any sunspot which changes in color and which grows abnormally at a rapid rate, should not be neglected.

Sunscreen usage is a must in all cases and other treatment options are Laser therapy and Cryotherapy.

It is the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the excess melanin-producing cells for the removal of freckles.

Laser therapy is the most effective therapy for freckles. Dr. Sudha Vani’s Sri Skin and Cosmetology Centre have FDA approved state of the art ALMA make Q-Switched Laser to do the job which gives the perfect results.

We use a combination of the best lasers and spot peels, which give the optimum results. Dr. Sudha Vani has 19 years of experience in the field of Dermato-Cosmetology.

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Gowtham Mac

I started my treatment last year in April 2015, my condition was very bad, the condition would have worsened more if I had not started the treatment, before the treatment I was pretty shattered & lost the confidence. But thanks to the Doctor, she not only successfully treated me also guided and supported me throughout, because of which within less than a year my alignment got totally cured, but I also would definitely recommend her.

✱ Results may vary person to person.
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Anila Vavilla

I have been to Dr.Sudhavani for my double chin problem. I am very glad to share that within a span of 3 months after undergoing 4 sittings of treatment my double chin disappeared. Dr.Sudhavani is a very soft-spoken and wonderful lady. cost of the treatment is very reasonable irrespective of centrally situated location, ambiance, expertise medical assistance

✱ Results may vary person to person.
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